Devon based AMIA Ltd are the UK and Ireland exclusive distributors of a number of different ranges and brands of agricultural machinery covering a number of different areas.  The ranges being brought into the UK and Ireland include Enorossi, BLU-JET, Keltec Engineering, Tubeline Manufacturing and Jay-Lor.

The popular Italian manufacturer Enorossi’s range includes Tedders, Rakes, Disc Mowers, V Rakes, Twin Rotor Rakes and the DR420 Tedder and Rake Combinations which combine excellent and innovative designs with top end build quality.  Alan Dennis AMIA Ltd Managing Director says ‘We have been extremely pleased with the success of the Enorossi range of machines, in both the way customers have taken to the machines and also the feedback that we have received from them when they have used them in the field’.

BLU-JET are an American manufacturer who are the innovative leader in the fast emerging Strip Till tillage market where they have been leading the way for over 40 years.  The Strip Till NT is available in multiple configurations and is ideal for establishing Sugarbeat, Oilseed Rape and other crops where your row spacing’s are between 45cm and 80cm straight into stubble field and grassland without the need to plough, power harrow etc saving you time and money.  It is also excellent for areas where erosion is a problem as you only disturb the area you are planting in.  The AT2000 All Terrain Liquid Fertiliser Injection Applicator is truly ahead of the rest of market with its ability to apply liquid fertiliser directly to the area where your Maize and other crops need it to be without the risk of burn off, run off or blow off.  You simply run between the ‘no mans land’ in between your rows and the results are outstanding with field data available on request.

Keltec Engineering manufacture the revolutionary Bale Slice which removes and holds plastic wrap and netting at the top of the Bale Slice whilst feeding or filling your diet feeder until you are ready to drop it all from the comfort of your cab.  New on the market is their round bale feeder which unrolls the bale as you drive through your feed passage.

The Canadian company Tubeline Manufacturing are another manufacturer who place practical innovation at the forefront of their activities.  The Bale BOSS 1 is a front mounted, side discharge bale processor which is at home on your telehandler, tractor front loader or skidsteer.  It allows the operator to have the ability to bed, feed and uniquely windrow large bales for re-baling into smaller bales for re-sale to the equestrian market or to farms which prefer to use smaller bales.

Another Canadian company Jay-Lor are again a long established manufacturer whose range of self propelled, trailer, stationary and mounted Mini Mixer Wagons offer farms and equestrian units which would not normally have the ability to have a mixer wagon on site access to this type of machine.  The A50 Self Propelled Mini Mixer with its 50 cubic feet capacity comes in at around £13000 + VAT and the A100 Self Propelled Mini Mixer with its 100 cubic feet capacity comes in at around £16950 + VAT.

All interested dealerships are asked to contact Alan at AMIA as some exclusive dealership territories are still available.   Please either call 01392 580 987 or email  Website